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? ? ? 广场舞是舞蹈艺术中最庞大的系统,因多在广场聚集而得名。融自娱性与表演性为一-体,以集体舞为主要表演形式,以娱乐身心为主要目的。广场舞在公共场所由群众自发组织,参与者多为中老年人,其中又以妇女居多。广场舞是人民群众创造的舞蹈,是专属于人民群众的舞蹈,因为民族的不同,地域的不同,群体的不同所以广场舞的舞蹈形式也不同。

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? ? ? Square dance is the biggest system in the art of dance. It is sonamed because in most cases people gather in squares. With self-entertainment and performability integrated as a whole, its main form ofperformance is group dancing, and its main purpose is to entertainboth the mind and the body. Square dance is organized by peoplevoluntarily in public places, and the participants are mostly middle-aged and elderly people, most of whom are women. Square dance iscreated by the people and belongs to people. The forms of squaredance varies due to different nationalities, areas, and groups.